Plant-Based Food for Everyone!


Welcome, and thank you for stopping by! Follow the Seeds is a website created for the purpose of sharing the many joys of plant-based eating and a vegan lifestyle. All of the recipes are 100% vegan, and only require ingredients that originate from the many bountiful plants of the earth. The recipes are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, whether you are newly intrigued by the idea of veganism or a long-time plant eater. I hope you have as much fun experimenting in your kitchen as I do! Enjoy!


Hello Everyone! My name is Laura. I am a dedicated vegan, cat mom, outdoor enthusiast, and amateur home renovator living in the Southern United States. Thank you for visiting Follow the Seeds!

I discovered a vegan lifestyle in 2016, and decided to change my diet and life overnight. A new friend, who also happened to be the only vegan I had ever met, was my original inspiration. Curiosity compelled me to ask her about her diet and I’m so thankful for that conversation

I went home and began to research everything related to veganism. It was that conversation that sparked an interest and consequently led me to the decision to completely change my diet. Little did I know that I would also be changing my life in so many other amazing ways!

During this time, I had been suffering from newly developed digestive issues. The reoccurring stomach pain was negatively impacting my life and I didn’t know what to do. After visiting a few doctors, I had given up hope after hearing the same inconclusive answers every time. The only solution the doctors offered was to take daily medications and I was not willing to do that.

My frustration led me to the idea of trying to heal myself through diet changes. And it turned out that shifting to a plant-based vegan lifestyle was my answer. Today, I have almost completely resolved my digestive problems. And I have never felt as alive and nourished as I do now!

For me, becoming vegan was a revelation. I have never been happier or as grounded in myself as I am today. My taste buds came alive with a heightened sense of flavor, as if they were awakened from a deep sleep. I began to truly appreciate whole-foods and the excitement of creating new plant-based recipes.

Although I began my journey based on health, I started to learn more about the standard American diet and factory farming. It was a horrifying education that further solidified my decision to commit to veganism and compassionate living 100%. I realized that a vegan lifestyle was a way to have a positive impact on so many issues, including cruelty to animals, the environment, and my health.

Today, as I continue to embrace my journey, I hope to share the sheer excitement that I feel for vegan cooking and education. Wherever you are on your journey, I hope that this website can offer a bit of inspiration as you delve into a vegan lifestyle. Now, let’s go cook something!