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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

How is July already here!?! Now that summer is officially in full swing, I’ve been thinking about how important it is to take advantage of these magical months of sunshine and adventure. It’s too easy to blink and suddenly find fall around the corner, without ever really getting the chance to enjoy all of those summertime moments that make this time of year so special. One of my favorite ways to embrace the season is to make a “summer bucket list” that includes all of the things that I want to do or experience, both big and small.

For this year, I thought I would share this list with you and hopefully spark a bit of inspiration for your summertime adventures. For me, this time of year is about embracing my inner child, which includes reveling in the little things, like running barefoot, laying in the grass and watching the sky. Sometimes the simplest pleasures are truly the sweetest.

Summer Bucket List:

Try a New and Unusual Recipe – Have you been wanting to try a fun and new recipe, maybe one that is slightly out of your comfort zone? Now is the time to give it a whirl! I’ve really been wanting to try my hand at making coconut yogurt at home, and I think this project would make a wonderful summertime experiment! I’ve been loving making kombucha during the summer for the past few years now, so the next logical step would be to try some different fermentation recipes. On that note, I may have to try fermenting some veggies too!

Be Active Outdoors – Fresh air is so good for your body and your soul. Getting out in nature and exerting your body gives you a glow and feeling of well-being like no other. Go on a hike and climb a mountain, stretch your legs running in the woods, go on a long bike ride, or explore a new nature preserve or park. To me, spending time outside is essential and I always come home feeling invigorated, even if I was dragging my feet about getting out. This summer, my goal is to go on a few overnight hikes on a new trail that I’ve never explored before. Plus, I have a new lightweight tent that’s calling my name!   

Swim in the Ocean – I feel like the ocean is a summer necessity, even if just for one afternoon. It takes a bit of a road trip to get to the ocean from my house, but the feeling of the sand between my toes is worth the drive. Plus, I keep kicking myself for not making the trip last year, so it’s definitely happening this summer. If you don’t happen to live near the ocean, getting your body into a lovely fresh water lake or river does the trick too. I will certainly be jumping into the icy and refreshing mountain rivers around here a few times too!  

Help Animals – Taking time to help others always makes our own day that much brighter! And, how wonderful would it be if we could all find some time to help our animal friends this summer? Some ideas might include helping out at an animal sanctuary for a day, volunteering at the local shelter, fostering a pet, or getting involved with an animal advocacy group in your area. I have always felt that showing love for animals in need is one of the most fulfilling things I can do. This summer, I would love to volunteer my time and help at an animal sanctuary. There are also so many small ways that you can make a difference for animals in your daily life, such as helping a turtle cross the road, getting help for a stray animal, and of course spreading the word about veganism!   

Go on a Picnic – Isn’t there something so romantic and old fashioned about a picnic? Especially a vegan picnic! I love the idea of planning a meal of quintessential picnic foods, all with a vegan twist. My plan is to pack a basket with delicious goodies, hop in the car, and head off on a picnicking adventure. Maybe I’ll have a location planned, maybe not. Either way, I’m sure there will be a lovely green meadow, trees and possibly a stream nearby. I can’t wait, and I hope you get the chance to pack a basket and take a friend along for a lovely picnic too!  

Embrace Alone Time – I think it’s easy to forget how amazing alone time really can be! In college, I used to be really good about going on adventures by myself, and I think it’s about time I rekindled that practice. Some ideas include going on a road trip, walking around a new city or taking yourself out on a dinner date. Sometimes you just need a little reminder of what a good friend you have in yourself! Plus, you don’t have to worry about planning around other people’s schedules and preferences. When the mood strikes, you can just jump in the car and take off! It’s very freeing and we all could use the chance to get to know ourselves even better.

Practice Self Care – I think we could all be better about this. It’s easy to put your needs aside if you’re busy or always putting others first. Or, if you don’t think you’re worth the effort (which is certainly not true). But, I think it’s time to forget these excuses and take that much needed time for yourself. Put aside some intentional time to do some yoga or stretching, exercise, read a book, or any activity you like, that deliberately takes care of your body or mind. Because our physical and mental well-being are intertwined, we have to take time for ourselves to bring everything back into alignment. My self-care goals for this summer include doing yoga on a regular basis and starting to journal again. So, let’s do this together and make a point of taking care of ourselves this summer!

I am so excited for the summer months ahead, and I can’t wait to start checking things off the list. I’d also love to hear about any special plans that you have for the summer, especially since there is always more room on my list for new ideas!





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